I enjoy the process of creating something, going from concept to realization. Here I have some of the projects I've worked on, as well as some ongoing work.

Coding Projects

Pioneers in Engineering


During my year as 2012 Pioneers in Engineering IT Lead, I helped manage the addition of a kit extension and tool checkout system. More visibly, I also helped modify existing code for the competition website to work with a new api I designed.

Pioneers in Engineering Tracking System

Towards the beginning of the 2011 season, PiE realized that it wanted to keep track of attendance to worksessions we held as well as tools and inventory. Building off of the scheme used for MIPS commands, a friend of mine and I developed a numbering scheme that allowed for a relatively user readable code that was also easy to parse once scanned in with a barcode.

More details to follow!

Misc. Projects

Cal Band Straw Hat Band Vest

While studying at UC Berkeley, I participated in the Cal Marching Band. As a really large spirit group, we also have a small group called the Straw Hat Band, which would go to various events ranging from basketball games to weddings. We wear dark blue vests that we decorate with pins. Toward the 2nd semester of freshman year, I wired up my vest with electroluminescent wire.

More details to follow!